Reconnect Meditation and Yoga Sailing Retreat

Sailing boat  30.07.2022. - 06.08.2022.

7 days Reconnect Meditation and Yoga Sailing Retreat

Imagine feeling of floating, sailing on catamaran boat, waking up surrounded by crystal blue sea and pure nature where all of your senses are starting to rejuvenate naturally.

And then image you can make it even more fulfilling for yourself by having "me time" in a completely different way... By making that present moment really meaningful, by discovering and remembering how well it feels to be in your body, by becoming aware of your breath and every single detail of beautiful nature around you...

If you're willing to reconnect with your body and silent your mind so that you can hear your heart, join us on 7 days Meditation & Yoga Retreat on sailing boat from 30.7. - 6.8.2022.

We are starting from Split, Croatia and during our journey, we will spread our wings and sail to the islands of Brač, Šćedro and stay in the Lastovo archipelago for a few days.

On your sailing journey you'll be able to inhale all the beauty of the places in a more meaningful way, trough Reconnect retreat program. We will do that by simply focusing our attention in morning meditation, by practicing pranayamas - yogis breathing techniques for energy filling and evening group meditation and introspection process.

What you can expect?
Trough mindfully developed program, during the week, we will awaken our prana, life energy through our bodies, develop and train all five senses, develop easy morning routine for successful set up for the day. During the day, you will experience sailing through Adriatic sea, stunning views of magic, still very pure nature. 

We will do our inner and outer work through 4 spheres:

  • Movement. Vinyasa slow flow morning yoga routine will stretch and waken up all your body and make you fill joy deep down in your cells. Vinyasa flow represents fluid yoga routines, gently stretching your body. Each movement is guided by the flow of the breath. Don't worry if you're not in a good shape or aren't familiar with yoga, you will learn on your own journey.
  • Breath. The element of air. We will start each day with gentle breathing exercises that will fuel your body and cells with oxygen and rejuvenate your mind.
  • Meditation. We will practice focus attention and introspection trough meditation, we will challenge our senses to stretch and sense all the nature around us, soak energy of the sun but also go on a tour to our inner beings, looking for peace, calmness and serenity.
  • Connection & integration. Connecting with our bodies and breath, trough movement and flow of water we will feel ourselves, so that we can release all the noise so that we can hear our inner voice and guidance.

By the end of this journey you will take away a lot of good memories, reconnect with your inner being trough body and meditation, and you'll remember for sure beautiful views and pictures of still, very clean nature and crystal sea.

All classes and program is adapted to beginners and people with poor experience with yoga practice all of ages. If not yet, or you just forgot, let yourself fall in love (again) with your body and yoga!

What is included?

  • 6 days beginner morning yoga & pranayama practice
  • 6 days evening meditation sessions, each with different theme
  • 6 Introspection sessions after evening meditation
  • 7 days stay in double - shared cabin on sailing boat
  • All drinks on the boat, 6 days breakfast and lunch
  • Ticket for the Lastovo Nature Park

What is not included?

  • Transfer to Split
  • Restaurants
  • Fuel and berths
  • Personal expenses

Jelena Janković is certified Vinyasa yoga teacher (TT200) and certified pranayama teacher (yogic breathing techniques). After years of professional engagement in dancing, she continued her path and connection with body and movement trough vinyasa yoga style. Her classes have a unique signature of fluid motion with special attention to awakening body and feelings inside the body.

Jelena is also a mentor and coach for personal and professional development. She poses master diploma in Human resources management. Her curiosity for deeper understanding of human psyche she fulfilled trough studding transactional analysis, neurolinguistics programing and other educational programs from psychology field. Jelena poses more than 10 years of corporate work experience in developing and implementing individual and group programs for communication skills development, team collaboration, motivation, managing change and stress management. She is also passionate about hiking, sailing and spending time in nature.

Tanja Dinter Vidaković is a skipper with many years of sailing experience. Although she is a graphic designer, her love for the sea and sailing has prevailed, so recently she has only been involved in sailing. She has completed many courses, both sailing and safety at sea, participates in many regattas during the season as a skipper and crew member. She participated in the founding and skipping of the women's sailing crew of The Sponzoruše and skipped for many charter companies in Croatia. Sailed in Croatia, Italy, France, Greece, Gibraltar and the entire Mediterranean. She speaks excellent Italian and English, and in addition to sailing, she also loves skiing, hiking, gardening, scootering, traveling and swimming. She is creative, communicative, resourceful, patient, but also responsible.

Price of the program for person: 1.835 €

We recomend to make travel insurance that covers the cancellation of the trip, and even a positive test on Covid-19
because we do not return the money paid.

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