Sail & Hike on Adriatic sea

Southern Adriatic on a sailboat  09.09.2023. - 16.09.2023.

Join us on a completely different travel experience that combines sea charms and mountaineering passions

Sail & Hike Adventures on a sailboat  takes you on an educational journey by the sea to explore the natural beauty of the Croatian islands. On this journey, you will be able to combine your love of the sea and your hiking passion, you will also enjoy the beautiful bays and discover the breathtaking lookouts on the islands' peaks. In addition to sailing and hiking, the emphasis on this trip will also be on educational content and field workshops where the guide will introduce you to the history and basics of hiking, movement and behavior in nature, the guide will introduce you to mountaineering equipment, nutrition, challenges in the mountains and similar topics.

Sailing the sea, you will rest your mind and eyes in the endless blue, enjoying the whispers of the wind and the smells of the sea. During hiking tours of the islands you will experience Mediterranean nature full of greenery, scents and sounds that will enchant all your senses, and at the end of each tour you will dive into the green-blue depths of paradise bays.

We will visit and climb the Peljesac peninsula and the islands of Korcula, Mljet and Lastovo.

How's look like a day of combining sea pleasures and mountaineering passions?

We begin the day with a morning sailing to the starting point of our hiking trip. During the voyage, we use our free time for meditation, light breathing and stretching exercises and in that way prepare ourselves both mentally and physically for walking and climbing the island tops. Your guide will introduce you to the history and geographical features of each island, its peaks and natural sights and at the same time, you will be offered educational content on various hiking topics. Sailing by sea to our destination you will enjoy from a distance the views of individual peaks to which we will climb, and after climbing the same peaks unique viewpoints will enchant all your senses leaving you breathless in endless panoramic views of all parts of the world. As we stand at the top observing the endless sea, the heavenly beauty of the green islands and the magnificent mountain ranges on the mainland, we will feel the primordial happiness and freedom of mind and spirit.
Because Nature calms, Nature inspires and heals us, Nature brings us back to the present moment and frees us from negative energies. 

What is included in the price?

  • 7 days of sail boat rental - double bed
  • Towels and linen on board
  • Fuel
  • Costs of marinas and tickets to National Parks
  • Tourist taxes
  • Excursions to the tops of the islands with a certified hiking guide
  • Breakfast and lunch package
  • Lesson in practice : "Fundamentals of sailing and wind"
  • Skipper rental
  • Enjoy unspoiled nature, islands and the sea

What is not included in the price?

  • Road / transfer to and from the ship
  • Eventually transfers by van to and from the starting points of hiking trips
  • Dinners of your choice in local taverns
  • Personal expenses

Who we are?

Gabi Gabelica is a certified mountain guide at the Sports College in Zagreb and is a member of the Association of Mountain Guides Croatia. After many years of experience as a mountain runner and participating in various mountain races inside and outside Croatia, Gabi decided to study for the title of Mountain Guide, in order to pass on her passion for mountains, forest trails and peaks to other nature lovers.
Gabi is also active as a guide in the Croatian Mountaineering Association Runolist, and leads mountaineering trips in a Francophone association in Croatia. Her knowledge of foreign languages ​​allows her to lead excursions in French, English and German. Thanks to many years of experience in hiking, Gabi has gained essential knowledge about nature and its challenges, and on every trip safety and caution will be the first priority for a successful hiking day and a unique pleasure in nature.
In addition to hiking, Gabi also practices cycling, yoga, meditation and conscious breathing. She is an advocate of nature protection and healthy living, a lover of healthy eating and positive energy.
Communicative and smiling, she steps into each new day, grateful for the challenges and new experiences that life provides. Namaste! Carpe diem! Go with the flow! 

Tanja Dinter Vidaković  is a skipper with many years of sailing experience. Although a graphic designer by profession, her love for the sea and sailing has prevailed, so recently she has only been involved in sailing. She has completed many courses, both in sailing and safety at sea. She participates in many regattas during the season as a skipper and crew member. She participated in the founding and skipping of the women's sailing crew of The Sponzoruše and skipped for many charter companies in Croatia. She sailed in Croatia, Italy, France, Greece, Gibraltar and the entire Mediterranean. She speaks excellent Italian and English, and in addition to sailing, she also loves skiing, hiking, gardening, scootering, traveling and swimming. She is creative, communicative, resourceful, patient but also responsible. 

Price of weekly program per person: 1.800 €
Price of weekly program per cabin: 3.500 €

We suggest that to make travel insurance that covers the cancellation of the trip, even for a positive test on Covid-19
because we do not refund the money paid.

If you are interested in this program, contact us and we will send you more information: